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General Practice

Medical appointments, preventive care, and additional opinions in private healthcare.

Pain Therapy

Pain therapy visits combine traditional and holistic techniques.

Ear Irrigation

Ear cleaning is carried out by washing, extraction, or aspiration.

Infiltrations – Pain-relieving

Antalgic mesotherapy is a minimally invasive technique for acute and chronic conditions.

Nursing Services

Comprehensive and qualified nursing care for patients.

Nutritional Consultancy

Nutritionist biologists for comprehensive support towards a healthy lifestyle.

An ideal choice for those in search of high-quality medical care and attentive service in Milan.

The Milan Isola Medical Centre offers general medicine consultations and pain management, combining traditional and holistic therapeutic approaches. We also provide specific treatments, such as ear irrigations, pain control injections, and neuromuscular taping. Our qualified staff is also available for nursing care and to offer tailored consultations in the field of nutrition.